ReforceTech has developed innovative concrete-solutions for Norway’s new charging stations

ReforceTech has developed innovative concrete-solutions for Norway’s new charging stations

ReforceTech AS has developed an innovative solution in high performance concrete in collaboration with Velde Betong and Vigrestad Betong System AS. The project was initiated by Grønn Kontakt, the national operator of charging stations for electric cars in Norway. The project has resulted in a new unique structural pavilion made of high performance concrete with MiniBars™, enabling a groundbreaking and unique design by Eggs Design. 

CEO of ReforceTech AS Per Cato Standal talks about the development of the new and innovative high performance concrete solution for Grønn Kontakt.

– The project started when Grønn Kontakt wanted a new and unique design for charging stations for electric cars. Eggs Design developed a design concept for a pavilion that is both inviting and functional. In collaboration with Velde Betong and Vigrestad Betong System, ReforceTech was tasked with developing the material needed for building the pavilion in line with the designers creative and innovative ideas.

Groundbreaking concrete technology by ReforceTech

Because of the unique shape and construction of the pavilion, the structural design had to follow new and strict requirements. The solution was ReforceTechs MiniBars™ technology, a new and innovative way to create a structural pavilion in high performance concrete.

– With our MiniBars™ technology we’ve made it possible to build the creative shape and design that Grønn Kontakt wanted for their charging stations. What’s unique with this project is how we’ve combined our innovative MiniBars™ technology with high performance concrete and the way the structural design of the pavilion was performed, Standal explains.

ReforceTech developed the high performance concrete with MiniBars™ together with Velde Betong and Vigrestad Betong System. The solution ensured that the pavilion could be built in the shape that was planned by the designer. The result is a charging station with a unique look, that is also highly functional in norwegian weather conditions.

Pavilion with a unique look and functional design

The pavilion has a concrete platform with a structural column and a roof. The concrete is a high performance concrete, and diecast with a uniform and smooth surface. The roof of the pavilion is made to withstand heavy snowfall according to Norwegian standard. It is equipped with lights, which makes it look good in its surroundings.

Whats next?

The first pavilion was installed at the Grelland charging station by E18 in Holmestrand. Grønn Kontakt is now deploying the new charging stations throughout Norway, and has started to deploy in the rest of Scandinavia.

The technology behind the concrete used in Grønn Kontakts new pavilions

MiniBars™ is a macro fiber that gives structural strength to the concrete. The combination of MiniBars™ and high-performance concrete is opening up for new possibilities within design and architecture of thin structural concrete applications.

About Grønn Kontakt:

  • Grønn Kontakt is a national operator of charging stations in Norway, and operates over 250 public charging stations all over the country.
  • The company also offers charging solutions for apartment housing, commercial buildings and privately owned houses.
  • The company is owned by Statkraft.
  • The company has partnership agreements with Coop, Olav Thon Gruppen, Umoe Restautants, Circle K, and Steen og Strøm.



Per Cato Standal, CEO

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