Full range of composite reinforcement for concrete: MiniBars™ & BasBars™

ReforceTech MiniBars™ are a patented composite macro fiber produced from AR Glass Fiber and/or Basalt fiber. ReforceTech BasBars™ are a patented Basalt fiber rebars available in most geometries.

ReforceTech BasBars™- BFRP Rebars, Mesh and Kits

ReforceTech unique rebar system
is given Certificate of Fitness from DnV and comes with approved designed guidelines.

ReforceTech  MiniBar™

New highly competitive breakthrough technology for the large commodity market: Pre-Reinforced Concrete

  • ReforceTech MiniBars™ enable the concrete to be designed for loadbearing capacity with high flexural tensile strength and average residual strength

MiniBars™ are mixed directly in concrete to make it ductile and eliminate or reduce the need for reinforcing with steel, wire welded mesh etc