About us

ReforceTech is the developer and producer of revolutionary, non-corroding reinforcement solutions for concrete, made from Basalt and AR Glass Fiber Composite.

ReforceTech’s breakthrough technology is advancing civil engineering and giving designers new creative Reinforced Freedom. The reinforcement is non-metallic, non-corroding and with considerably lower density, and with a higher tensile strength, than steel.

The unique properties of the ReforceTech reinforcement enable innovative and cost-effective structural solutions.

All ReforceTech products are approved and certified to international standards, and comes with engineering data and design guidelines.

ReforceTech is offering to the market a full set of composite reinforcement for concrete through its 2 major product lines MiniBars™ and the BasBars™. The combination of the macro fiber Minibars™ and the bar reinforcement BasBars™ combines the best of fiber reinforced concrete

ReforceTech Ltd is registered and managed in Ireland, and has its main development center and production facility in Røyken Norway. Other offices are in Northern Ireland, USA

Sales and distribution is managed through the Røyken office,  and by appointed distributors and sales agent’s world wide.

Please browse our Applications references to see what is possible with this new revolutionary non corroding way of reinforcing concrete.