High Quality Standard Infrastructure – water works

Oslo Water and Sewage Valve Junction, Erlandstuveien Oslo Norway

Project Profile

Category: City of Oslo Water Works
Owner & Developer: Oslo
Structural Engineer: Concribe
General Contractor: Oslo VAV
Concrete Supplier: Skedsmo Betong AS
Completion: August 2020

Technical details

Slab on Grade: 30cm box poured free of steel
Concrete Type: C35 M45 Concrete
Composite reinforcement solution: Basalt MiniBars™ 43mm @ 10 Kg/m3
Composite bars used to reinforce box lid Savings of 3 days in elimination of binding steel on a city street closed to traffic.
Other: Faster pouring time due to no steel. Easy to drill/cut holes to install water supply pipes.
High Quality Standard Infrastructure – water works

Project description

City of Oslo is looking for cost effective and time saving technology to upgrade water and sewage supply systems, and to minimize downtime and interruption of daily activities.

First water valve station was done with time savings in setting up the form work (no holes to cast in place for water mains) elimination of binding steel (3 days saved) and faster pouring of the concrete meaning lower delivery charges for the concrete 50% time saved.

  • Faster erection of form work
  • Elimination of binding of steel
  • Faster pouring of concrete
  • Faster removal of form work
  • Ease of drilling of concrete with no steel to mount water mains
  • Simple erection and pouring of concrete lid with manhole
  • Corrosion free, leak free solution
  • Minimum downtime and minimum interruption of daily activities